Three Follow Ups

As a follow up to a previous post, the author of the theater LARP, The Devil’s Brood, had this to say about Larpwriter:

“As for Larpwriter, I’ve written two larps with it (the other is based on Echo Bazaar / Fallen London). It’s a useful tool, but it pushes you into writing characters seperately, and thinking in terms of relationships rather than plots. This isn’t necessarily a problem, and you do get an immediate visual check on whether someone has enough other people to immediately talk to, and on whether both ends of a relationship have been defined.”

Also, regarding The Devil’s Brood, it has apparently run twice and, according to the author, “It didn’t suck.” I’m not sure if this means it had lukewarm success or if the author is being modest, but either way, I’d still love to give it a try.

(Quotes taken from posts on

I have also now sent a strongly worded email to the director of the Disney Channel, regarding their negative portrayal of LARPers in Good Luck, Charlie. I don’t expect a response, but I will post about if it I do.

On an unrelated note, a while back I posted about how I realized I tend to wear bits of costuming for a while after a LARP is over, possibly as a way to maintain a connection to the experience.

I’m still wearing my yellow rubber bracelet, from Mission: Engaged, the wedding LARP.

Go Team Something Old!

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2 Responses to Three Follow Ups

  1. “It didn’t suck” is the goal I set myself when running a game. There’s feedback here from the first run. The game worked, but it is not “balanced” (in that, as in reality, the odds are heavily stacked against some of the characters suceeding in their goals). I think it suffers from a lack of a natural conclusion, hence advice for the GM to prompt Henry to make up his mind rather than letting things drag on.

    Run details are on larp resume; if you run it, please add your run.

  2. Fair Escape says:

    If it runs, I was make sure it ends up on Larp Resume. Thanks for the notes!

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