Cottington Woods Costuming III – The Basics

Spent quite a bit of time sewing the basics for the Cottington Woods costume- the dress, the skirt, and the long vest. They are mostly done, except for the bottom hems and trimming, all of which I’ve left for last so I can decide how long I want them all to be relative to one another. I like how they’re coming out so far (though there’s an uneven bit on the vest that I really hope I can fix.)

(For the vest, by the way, we ended up using an old Butterick pattern for a simple top- we lengthened the front and back pieces by a lot, shortened the outer seam, and left off the sleeves.)

I’ve been trying them all on, and it’s interesting to see how something that I pictured while sketching can give such a different impression when brought to life.

What I wouldn’t give for a dressmaker dummy and a nicer camera than the one on my phone, but this is what I currently have on hand to work with. (Well, that plus my own two unsteady hands and no place to go for better lighting at this hour.)

First, the dress.


The dress is more or less giving the impression I expected- sort of a rustic, monk kind of look.

Combined with the vest… it gives a rather distinct… errr… Biblical impression. This is the kind of thing I expect to see on Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob in illustrations of Bible stories.

…Biblical figure?

Combined with the sash (which is currently still just a long, unhemmed rectangle), I see a definite Jedi/Eastern influence. This is basically what I planned to wear for warm-weather LARPing.


Add in the skirt, and I start to see either a Sith, or some noble from the Fire Nation in Avatar, The Last Airbender (I guess a red/black color scheme says “evil”?). And I definitely can see strong trends in costumes I design- there are shades of my Sith Princess costume, my Hunter costume, my costume for Ghost-Fu, my original Tyrell costume (how cool is that picture?), and even the outfit I designed for my tabletop RPG character (a ranger) in this. (I wish I had a full-body drawing of the ranger character to share, but it had something similar to the long vest.)

Sith Firebender?

And lastly, everything all together… A mishmash of Jedi, Sith, Fire Nation, and… the Bible. Somehow, these elements combined are supposed to make a living wind-up doll turned militant priest?

…Monk Jedi Sith Firebending Biblical figure?

Hmm. Well, I do like the way it looks, even if the message it sends is a bit muddled. Hopefully, the hooded capelet, the details, the accessories, and some dolly make-up will bring it all together.

Tomorrow, I should be taking advantage of that Joann Fabrics coupon and picking up the rest of what I need for the hooded capelet.

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