Cottington Woods Costuming V – The Devil’s in the Details

I will not sweat the small stuff.

Cottington Woods costuming got a bit sidetracked by Once Upon a Time in Tombstone costuming, plus a Cottington Woods donation project (costuming for NPCs.) Both were fun, but now I’ve got tonight and tomorrow morning to finish everything for my own costume.

I think this project got away from me… the details and plans got bigger and more and more elaborate… as much fun as it is to have extensive costuming, at some point I have to step back, think about how much I’ve spent in terms of time, money, and effort and recognize that this is only a one day event. Odds are, a lot of it won’t really matter… I should really see how the event goes before committing even more to this LARP.

I never actually got perfume in a scent that relates to my character (though scents inspired by old books exist!)… that’s fine. I ordered special contacts that haven’t arrived yet… that’s alright. I tried embroidering a scarf and the lettering came out a little screwy, plus I cut the scarf incorrectly… that’s alright. It was my first attempt at any embroidery, and it may not even be cold enough to wear this weekend. That’s ok, too. I don’t actually need to sew bloomers. (I had this notion that before my character, the doll, joined the church, she dressed in the ruffly, girly way a little girl’s doll would dress and then was given more austere things to wear… but no one is going to bother to replace her undergarments, so she’d still have lacy bloomers on underneath.) No one will ever see them, so it’s really ok to leave that project off. At least until the next event.


What I do need to focus on is the stuff that will actually be seen… the wind-up key on her back, the black waist thing, the vest…  (I have yet to write the benediction for the vest… been waiting on inspiration that never came.) And maybe if I have time, work out the make-up.

You can see the key is kind of soft and pillowy looking- so it won’t be a problem if it bops someone in combat (plus it won’t be so hard to sit with it on.) It’s stuffed with furniture batting. I’m pushing some floral wiring into it to make it a little less floppy.

I’ve actually been pondering what color lipstick to wear. I figure the doll has a porcelain face with the features painted on. But in what color? Dark lips to give a sort of creepy, dramatic look? Bright, fake red to emphasize that she was crafted as a toy, and not born as a human? Pink to draw a contrast between the girly existence she was created for and the existence as a warrior for the church she chose after coming to life?

…I think about these details, and yes, it’s slightly nuts.

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5 Responses to Cottington Woods Costuming V – The Devil’s in the Details

  1. JakeG says:

    Truth mask! I think the off-kilter lettering looks awesome.

    • Fair Escape says:

      Thanks! The lettering was meant to look a little off-kilter, but it was also meant to run parallel to the top edge and also go over my mouth when pulled up high enough to cover my nose. (I had to cut the fabric after taking that picture, and I think I made it worse.) It served its purpose well enough for the first event, but I’m going to try again for the next event.

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