T Minus Two Days

Just a quick update on my prep work for Intercon.

Yesterday was the convention packet stuffing. We actually had more people than necessary, which says something great about the Intercon community, though I felt a bit like I was just in the way. People seemed to like the posters I made, which was nice. I also heard the three secret ingredients for the Iron GM contest are time travel, secret societies, and stuffed animals. The first two pop up in LARPs fairly frequently, and the third, I’m sure, inspired a lot of creativity. I can’t wait to play in one on Sunday morning.

I had a few more costuming disasters- this is why I shouldn’t be allowed to sew alone- but I also had some successes to offset them. My Egyptian vulture headdress for Osiris’  Gate is complete. It’s a tad goofy looking, but so much fun to wear and I can’t wait to show all my fellow pharaohs and gods and goddesses of Egypt. I made myself a blue sash for my waist, and I also put together a costume for Khufu, a fellow pharaoh. I hemmed a red cloak and made a belt for my Roman costume for The Great War Upon Us, which came out just the way I envisioned it my head. I created seashell jewelry and a gold belt for Second Dawn, as my character has “ties to the sea”. It took me a few tries to figure out how to combine various large pieces of white fabric and a white scarf to create a “flowing, white, utopian” look for the rest of the outfit. I’ve also pulled a bunch of black clothing out of my closet to create a quick ninja look for my Snake Eyes costume. I might have wasted a bit of time hopping around and doing ninja poses in the mirror.

Maybe if any of this stuff is well received and there’s any interest, I’ll put together some quick tutorials

I’ve covered a giant plastic drink dispenser to look like a barrel of rum for Devil to Pay. The convention posters have been finished and handed in. The raffle is pretty much all set. My camera battery is charging. I even got a haircut today. I’ve got hot glue and spray paint on my fingers, and a packing list typed up.

Tomorrow, I need to finish the pirate flags. And pack.

And the day after… Pre-Con!

Oh, and the preliminary schedule for Brandeis’ Festival of the LARPs is up and it has some great LARPs I’m really looking forward to. (Though we could always use more bids if you’ve got a LARP to run! Festival’s Con Chair, by the way, says they’re open to discussing boffer events in addition to theater LARPs.)

About Fair Escape

I've been LARPing for years in all different styles, including both boffer and theater. I love classic LARP but I'm always happy to try something new. I have a sort of "gotta catch 'em all" attitude towards experiencing LARPs. I'm currently serve as a board member of NEIL, a member of proposal com for Intercon, the largest all LARP convention in the US, and as en editor for Game Wrap, a publication about the art and craft of LARP. I was also con chair of Festival of the LARPs 2017, and I'm on staff for NELCO, the first all LARP conference in the US. I'm
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