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Dressed for the Civil War

My mother was recently in the local paper. My hometown’s Historical Society ran some sort of tour of local historical houses, including one that was built in the 1850s. It happens to be the home of my kindergarten teacher. I … Continue reading

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Ex Ignorantia

I left the Clorkwork Skies opening evening a bit early on Sunday in order to get to Ex Ignorantia, a LARP written, run and played by HRSFA, or as I’ve been calling them, the Harvard crowd. Ex Ignorantia is a … Continue reading

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Clockwork Rain

I had a busy LARPing weekend. Clockwork Skies, the “steam and sorcery” boffer campaign, had its first weekend event, and on Sunday afternoon/evening, I played a Lovecraftian HRSFA (Harvard sci-fi club) theater LARP called Ex Ignorantia. I really wanted to … Continue reading

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Character Art

The fundraiser for Occam’s Razor, the paranormal-themed campaign boffer LARP starting soon, was a lot of fun. I’m not sure why I didn’t think people would come dressed for the masquerade in the evening, but quite a few people were … Continue reading

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More Cool Links

Just wanted to share a few new things I’ve found. The first is Zit Pop Goblin Games, which is the micropublisher that publishes a LARP system called Mystic Crossroads. In their forums, I found a quite a few cool links … Continue reading

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Goal Lists

I had a random little idea that came up during a discussion about goals lists. Goal lists are a fairly common feature of theater style character sheets. Frequently, character sheets include a character history, a who-you-know list, a list of character … Continue reading

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On the Way to the Forum

A short while ago, the Cottington Woods players and staff were discussing the idea of an online forum for the LARP. We’ve been primarily using mailing list for communication, which I admit I don’t think is ideal for disseminating information. But I … Continue reading

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Odds and Ends

This kickstarter was recently brought to my attention. It’s for a webseries about LARPing called Basic Adventuring 101, and what I find most exciting about it is that it’s being made by LARPers. In other words, people who actually know … Continue reading

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