Two LARP Discussions

Two short stories to share.

I volunteer in a women’s shelter/soup kitchen on Fridays. Last Friday, a new volunteer and I were chatting about the weather, and I mentioned that I’d been at a camp ground during the worst of the recent rain, and that the mud had been particularly bad. He asked if I’d been camping, and I said, “er, not exactly.” When he asked what I had been doing, I said, “well,  I was LARPing.”

He said, “Oh, live action role play? I’ve heard of that! Can you tell me what it’s like?”

That he knew what the acronym stood for caught me by surprise, and that he wanted to hear all about it made me very happy. I told him there were a few different kinds of LARPing, then brieflly explained boffer, since that was the sort I’d been doing at the campsite. He said it seemed really cool and fun, ” like cops and robbers, but for grown-ups.”

Yeah, pretty much!

There was another volunteer who saw me and said, “I’m so glad you’re here this week! I really wanted to talk about the latest Game of Thrones episodes with someone!” As most people who know me can tell you, I can easily talk about Game of Thrones for hours.

Both conversations made for a good day.

A reading of Leaving Mundania

Almost two weeks ago, Lizzie Stark (the author of Leaving Mundania and the person who ran the Ars Amandi workshop I attended at Intercon M’s PreCon) posted online that she was doing a book reading with Ethan Gilsdorf, author of Fantasy Freaks and Gaming Geeks. He actually also did a reading at Intercon K’s PreCon. Sorry I missed the reading (I was attending a panel on mental illness in LARPs) but I’m glad I caught this one. They both read excerpts from their books to a crowd of about a dozen in a very cute little bookstore and cafe.

After the reading, there was a brief Q&A, after which five of us Intercon regulars chatted with the authors for a bit. I finally got a chance to see what a latex LARP weapon feels like for myself, as Gilsdorf brought a couple Calamacil weapons with him. (I know, Calimacil technically makes injected foam weapons, not latex.) They were very pretty, but a lot denser and heavier than the sort I’m used to.

Injected foam LARP swords

After the book reading, us Interconners went out to lunch, and ended up discussing various LARPs, Intercon, and NELCO for so long, we were asked to leave because they were expecting a huge group for dinner.

Another good day.

About Fair Escape

I've been LARPing for years, in all different styles. I love trying out all different styles and genres and formats. I have a sort of "gotta catch 'em all" attitude towards experiencing LARPs. I'm currently serving as a board member of NEIL, as LARP Coordinator for Extracon, and a member of bid com for the British convention Consequences. I was also the coordinator of Festival of the LARPs in 2017, and I'm on staff for NELCO, the first all LARP conference in the US. I've also served as an editor for Game Wrap, NEIL's publication about the art and craft of LARP, and served on Intercon staff in various roles over the years.
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5 Responses to Two LARP Discussions

  1. Aaron says:

    I do sometimes regret I don’t live on the east coast. But then I look out my window at sunshine and 75 degrees Fahrenheit, and the feeling goes away*.

    Thanks for the report, great to hear we’re growing and that we have awesome ambassadors such as yourself.

    * After looking out the window, I close the curtains again and grumble back to my lair.

  2. Ivan Zalac says:

    Latex and Calimacil weapons are actually quite different – not only due to Calimacil being foam injected. Most latex weapons are way lighter than Calimacil (around two times lighter), as well as thinner, pointier, softer/less dense and actually covered by latex so they have a different, shiny finish. Calimacil are extremely durable and solid – I’ve put mine through a lot of punishment – and they don’t require maintenance (latex weapons should be sprayed with silicon spray to maintain the durability of latex – this gives them a slick feel). For reference: I’ve held in hands German, Danish and British latex weapons, and I own several Calimacil weapons, a British-made dagger, a handmade German larp brass knuckles, and some German-made Hammerkunst weapons (which are actually cheaper and harder than most German weapons). In my opinion, Calimacil are more expensive than most latex weapons but easily worth it.

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  4. I like these larping swords. What do we call them any specific name for it???

    • Fair Escape says:

      Um… Well, all I know is that they’re Calimacil weapons, which are technically made with injected foam, though this style is frequently referred to as “latex”. If you mean the particular style of sword, I’m not sure.

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