The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Dear Santa, LARP writers and GMs and other staff members,

It’s that time of year again. The art stores, party stores, even conveniences stores are seeing tons of costumes and set dressing and craft projects are all over the shelves. This can only mean Halloween is around the corner, which in turn can only mean the most important holiday in a LARPer’s year is around the corner — the Day After Halloween, with all its requisite wonderful sales.

I have tried to be extra good this year. I have tried to send in my character questionnaires on time, fill out all my PELs, and I have tried stay in character as much as possible during events. I have also helped others with their costuming.

Because I have been so good, I think I deserve the following presents:

I found gloves with finger tips that can light up. I would like a character who casts magic in such a way that this effect would be super cool and appropriate. This shouldn’t be too hard.

The cosmetics brand Wet ‘n Wild has come out with a Halloween line. I don’t know exactly what a “body crayon” is but it sounds like fun. Can we please have lots of characters with tattoos and scars and crazy lashes? They also have glow-in-the-dark nail polish. I’d like an excuse to buy some to use for crafting props.

I know I haven’t figured out how to apply fake lashes yet, but maybe there will be a Day After Halloween Miracle.

I have also found giant peacock wings. I did not know costume wings came in anything other than angel white and devil black. May I please be cast as a peacock? Or a peacock themed demon or something?

I feel pretty, oh so pretty…

I also found these wicked prosthetics. May I please be cast as an NPC who haunts the nightmares of PCs, searching for his missing eyes? I promise I will try my hardest to scare the bejeezus out of PCs.

Jeepers Creepers…

And lastly, I found a whole row of Egyptian themed costuming in iParty, including a kick-ass “body jewel” shaped like an ancient Egyptian style vulture. May I please have a character who wears this on her skin somewhere? Come on, Shadows of Amun staff, put your writing elves to work.

Vulture body sticker on bottom left.

And if all of this fits in the back of your sleigh flying u-haul of Monster Camp equipment, I promise I will leave out cookies and milk gatorade and granola bars for you, or whatever it is you magical people eat.

With love,

Fair Escape


About Fair Escape

I've been LARPing for years in all different styles, including both boffer and theater. I love classic LARP but I'm always happy to try something new. I have a sort of "gotta catch 'em all" attitude towards experiencing LARPs. I'm currently serve as a board member of NEIL, a member of proposal com for Intercon, the largest all LARP convention in the US, and as en editor for Game Wrap, a publication about the art and craft of LARP. I was also con chair of Festival of the LARPs 2017, and I'm on staff for NELCO, the first all LARP conference in the US. I'm
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7 Responses to The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

  1. I love this post like a loving thing 🙂 It’s so true!

    I went a little crazy at after Halloween sales a few years back. I still have a ton of wigs I haven’t used, and a bottle of fake blood. I am… a little bit more conservative with what I buy, now.

    I encourage you to check out Savers–although I don’t know where there would be one near you (I go to the one in Framingham). They have a section devoted to cheapie Halloween costume bits and bobs this time of year–new stuff, to complement the used inventory they usually have–and it’s where I got the fabulous hat I wore as Tabitha Evans-Kensington for SoA game 1. I also got lace gloves and a cowboy hat and other useful props there in past years.

    • Fair Escape says:

      That’s a good tip, I should figure out where the nearest Savers is. There’s a Dollar Store nearby, and I’ve gotten a fair amount of LARPing supplies there, but the selection is not that great.

  2. Kevin Riggle says:

    This post is a thing of beauty. 🙂

  3. eurveinofair says:

    You mean you go to Halloween stores… *NOT* for Halloween?!?! That’s sacrilige. 😉

    • Fair Escape says:

      I used to play a Lovecraftian boffer LARP… everything on their requested donation list is in the haunted house section of the stores. Often 75% off! FOG MACHINES FOR ALL.

      • eurveinofair says:

        I’m merely giving you a hard time because of what a haunted house nut I am. I have a 10 x 10 x10 storage cube full of Halloween stuff. That being said,I have raided it on several occasions for LARPing. Your post was perfect and hilarious.

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