Announcing Time Bubble 2014

Time Bubble 2014 was recently announced. For those unfamiliar, Time Bubble is a free weekend of theater LARPing at RPI in Troy, NY (in its usual spot, the Carnegie building.) There are hotels nearby and free crash space available by request.

This year, Time Bubble is happening on Sept. 26th – 28th, and they are now accepting bids. So if you have a theater LARP you’d like to run, consider bidding it to Time Bubble!

TB14 Larp Submission Form

This year, Time Bubble has a new twist: players will be rating the games they play, with the highest rated games earning the GMs a prize (not yet announced) and the title GM of the Week.  There is also a mini-game currently in the works, and the Mysterious Benefactor writing it has promised one character sheet for every game run, making the alpha run of this new LARP all that much sooner. I’m highly tempted to bid Betrothals and Betrayals again to help make a new LARP happen.

Website and sign-up information for Time Bubble 2014 are coming soon.


In other news, The Dance and the Dawn is being run at the Brick Theater in Brooklyn, NY, as a professional event on July 11th and July 15th, and the Dreams of Ice and Ash expansion is being run on July 13th. I very rarely hear of theater LARPs being run as professional events, if ever, so I was quite interested and excited to hear about it. Tickets can be purchased at (Click on the “Game Play 2014” link under “Upcoming Shows” on the right side for descriptions.) There are a number of other interactive events at the Game Play festival that look quite interesting, as well.


About Fair Escape

I've been LARPing for years in all different styles, including both boffer and theater. I love classic LARP but I'm always happy to try something new. I have a sort of "gotta catch 'em all" attitude towards experiencing LARPs. I'm currently serve as a board member of NEIL, a member of proposal com for Intercon, the largest all LARP convention in the US, and as en editor for Game Wrap, a publication about the art and craft of LARP. I was also con chair of Festival of the LARPs 2017, and I'm on staff for NELCO, the first all LARP conference in the US. I'm
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3 Responses to Announcing Time Bubble 2014

  1. mgcady says:

    Hello! Do you know if there’s a mailing list or website for the folks running the RPI LARPs? I lost touch after Foam Brain stopped running LARPs and would like to start playing again.

  2. mgcady says:

    Hello- do you know of a website or mailing list for the RPI LARPs? I got out of touch when Foam Brain got out of LARP running and I’d like to start playing again.

    • Fair Escape says:

      Try emailing dicebubble at gmail dot com and asking to be put on the mailing lists. And let me know if that doesn’t work and I’ll put you in touch with someone who can help.
      Hooray for more LARPers at RPI! ^_^

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