OOC — In the Chair Interviews

More videos have gone up on the Out of Character site. The Out of Character project is a series of videos interviewing LARPers, started at the 2013 NELCO. The responses to the first questions were compiled into three videos (“How do you define LARP?“, “is LARP a game or an art?“, and “what makes a good LARP character?“) and are quite interesting to watch. They demonstrate where strong trends and extremely diverse viewpoints exist within the community.

In addition to the compilation by question videos, each individual interview is being made into a video, so viewers can watch each interviewee’s full responses to all three questions. The first two of twelve of such videos have gone up so far — Andy and Laura. I’m looking forward to the next one.

I’m currently reading through the comments on each video, which are also proving quite interesting. The “is LARP a game or an art?” video in particular produced a few interesting thoughts on the nature of art, and the uniqueness of LARP.


About Fair Escape

I've been LARPing for years in all different styles, including both boffer and theater. I love classic LARP but I'm always happy to try something new. I have a sort of "gotta catch 'em all" attitude towards experiencing LARPs. I'm currently serve as a board member of NEIL, a member of proposal com for Intercon, the largest all LARP convention in the US, and as en editor for Game Wrap, a publication about the art and craft of LARP. I was also con chair of Festival of the LARPs 2017, and I'm on staff for NELCO, the first all LARP conference in the US. I'm
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