To Be (Dis)Continued

The last two events of To Be Continued, or TBC, were held this past weekend. In this campaign theater LARP, players all played alternate versions of characters from popular media — movies, books, comics, tv shows, and video games — all coming together to study a wide variety of topics at a school for the gifted. I played Arya of House Stark, of A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones, on a somewhat but not entirely different life path.

On Friday evening, Heliopolis University hosted a prom for its students. (I guess the school was sort of a blend of a high school and college.) It was largely a plot-free evening that gave us a chance to dress up our characters in formal wear, let our hair down, and dance the night away.

In practice, the other players had gotten their plot information for the next day’s event prior to the prom. I hadn’t expect to be able to attend any of that event (centered around graduation), so I didn’t have a character sheet. I was somewhat out of my depth when other students were talking about the various forms of the apocalypse that were looming and threatening to end the world the next day. I suggested that having the destruction of the world threatening in multiple ways simultaneously might mean that the graduation should be canceled or at least delayed. But it occurred to us students that maybe the whole point in scheduling graduation for this day, and making sure to have all of the students and their various powerful family members present, was to ensure we had the best chance of preventing the end of the world.

Despite some of the plot chatter going over my head, I still had a really fun time. Much like the Cottington Woods Winter Ball, I was there early to help set up. A member of the LARP’s staff and I decided to make more of the big fluffy tissue paper flower decorations we’d made for the Winter Ball. The colors of paper we happened to have dictated the color scheme for the prom, and he bought balloons, rolls of crepe streamers, table cloths, and jelly beans in blue, purple, and white, along with snacks and even a mini disco ball. I did briefly consider repeating a Winter theme and doing up the prom in white and gray — after all, that might be what Arya Stark would choose, but the colors seemed a bit too drab, and Arya would never consent to be part of the prom committee anyway.

Tissue paper flowers

Originally, I had debated renting a tux for Arya to wear to the prom — that seemed more in character, but then I spotted an ombre gray dress in a thrift store in my size, and I thought, that’s perfect — I’ll wear the colors of House Stark. (My one regret, I forgot to pack Arya’s sword Needle to wear on my hip.) When she mentioned my dress, I told Mina Murray/Bela Talbot (many of the other PCs were combinations of multiple characters, this one from both Dracula and the tv show Supernatural) that I’d paid $7 dollars for it. She topped me — a much nicer gown that she bought for only $1 at a yard sale.

Arya of House Stark, dressed for the prom.

As it happened, I did manage to make it for a couple hours to the graduation event the next day. One of the staff asked if I thought Arya had graduated, then handed me an index card with cocktail ingredients. The staff had crafted a drink in honor of each character. Arya’s? A drink called Valar Morghulis, and I think the ingredients were mead and grenadine. (Someone ought to come up with a chaser and call it Valar Dohaeris.)

Much of what was going on went, unsurprisingly, right over my head, as I hadn’t prepped for the event the way everyone else had, but they all seemed to be very busy and having a lot of fun, and I had a lot of fun watching them and trying to fill in the blanks by reading the school’s newspaper. I even got pulled into one of the prevent-the-apocalypse plots and helped fight off a potential invasion of Cylons. I missed the conclusion of the event, but I’m pretty sure the world was saved, a high note to end the campaign on.


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