The Eyrie Goes to the Beach


The Eyrie hits the beach

In one of my new campaign LARPs, Fifth Gate: Silverfire, most of the PCs have formed in-game groups called warbands. I’ve joined one of the largest warbands, the Eyrie, and we decided to get to know one another better, both in and out of character, by holding RP days for our members. The first was back in June, and we spent most of the afternoon in-character,  having tea, doing a little crafting (spell packets and origami), and sparring in the grass.

Since one of our members lives right by the shore, we decided our second RP day should be spent on the beach. (One member of the Eyrie even wrote a great little piece of fiction about it.) I knew the day would be less in-character, as bathing suits and flip-flops aren’t quite as conducive to immersion as our usual costuming, but I brought a few of my character’s accessories (flowers for her hair and earrings), which I found helpful in the moments we were roleplaying.

I missed the beginning of the day, where people sat around in the backyard, chatting about various topics (including the various LARPs the Eyrie members are playing or NPCing.) When I arrived with two other Eyrie members, everyone decided that was a good time to head to the beach, so we grabbed a bunch of beach chairs, towels, and sunscreen and walked across the street.

Most of us just wore modern bathing suits (though I made sure I brought the one that most suited my character’s personality) and dove into the water. Two players, rather admirably I think, wore their full costumes on the beach. One costume was mostly lightweight linen (though I think some other beach-goers might have stared at his horns.) The other PC belongs to the Order of the Veiled, and their costuming requires covering as much skin as possible, including a veil or mask over their faces. They mostly dress in black.

I think the Veiled One got even more stares, as he stood silently on the shore, watching over the rest of us frolicking in the waves, probably brooding over Dark Secrets Man Was Not Meant to Know.

2015-08-10 09.57.10_zps8riatx34

Very foreboding, but at least he’s well protected from the sun.

Inspired by another in-game Order, the Order of the Arcane Circle, we drew a protective circle in the sand around our Veiled One, but we never managed to agree on whether we were protecting him from something, or protecting ourselves from him.

2015-08-10 09.50.31_zpsjzw87rzx

A protective circle around the Veiled One


2015-08-10 09.58.01_zpsvppreefk

Keeping something out, or keeping something in?

When I got too cold to go on swimming, I decided to build a sand castle. It was meant to be the Summer Palace, the location of an infamous heist from the Eyrie’s history. The floor plans drawn out in the sand by the Eyrie’s engineer were probably considerably more accurate.

2015-08-10 09.47.48_zps88iwfco7

Somewhat less accurate rendition of the Summer Palace

2015-08-10 00.28.47_zps7j8se5du

Overlooking Summer Palace Floor Plans

After the beach, we went back to the backyard for dinner and more chatting. It was mostly out of character, but one player pulled out a book of musings from a Japanese philosopher, and read a few passages to me, which we discussed in-character.

2015-08-10 00.03.41_zpsudwgjh8f

Discussing A Cup of Sake Beneath the Cherry Trees

I’m really enjoying these little RP days. We’re now discussing using something similar, but maybe with some added combat and volunteer NPCs to flesh out some of the Eyrie’s history and how the various members joined up.


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