Calling the Banners

We interrupt your regularly scheduled posts catching up on various LARP events from the end of 2016, and (as of Saturday, the beginning of 2017) for a short update on current crafting projects.

Crafting projects (and some one-month-out-from-Intercon stuff) are currently eating my time (minor wrist injury be damned), which is why my catch-up posts have slowed. (Though I do have some drafts going.) My current list of projects include costuming for my AI character in Threshold, costuming for the Fifth Gate masquerade, sushi print pajamas for my Fifth Gate character (sadly, this will not be done in time for the event this weekend — I waited for the pattern to go on sale, and it never did). And banners for Kingsword, a LARP debuting at Intercon Q.


Kingsword banners in progress

I’ve been focusing on the banners mostly because Intercon is the closest event (not including Dice Bubble, for which I’m unlikely to be doing any crafting). and I don’t want the GMs to stress over whether or not they’ll be finished in time. It’s a good thing  I started them early; they’re proving far more time consuming than I originally expected, and I might have another costuming project on my plate when I start receiving casting for my Intercon games.

Kingsword is a fantasy LARP based on the mythology of the British Isles. The Arthurian characters are probably the best known, but there are figures from Irish, Scottish, and Welsh mythology in the LARP as well. The GMs decided royalty in game should have their heraldry displayed on banners, and the knights should have their coat of arms displayed on shorter flags for the tournament. I offered to put them together.

I’m using more or less the same methods I’ve used in the past for banners for Venezia and Cracks in the Orb and the pirate flags for Devil to Pay. Unfortunately, I don’t have any convenient cheap table runners, so I’ve been making multiple runs to J0-ann Fabrics, only buying as many pieces of fabric (and spools of thread) as I have coupons on any given run to keep costs low for the GMs. The employees at the local Jo-ann’s have been teasing me about how often I’ve been there in the past few weeks, asking for updates on the project, and two of them have even asked for information on how to sign up for LARPs!


Prince Peredur’s seme of crosses (“crussily”) was a geometry puzzle

I’ve been using my new rotary cutter and cutting board to cut out the base shape, and I love using them — they make quick, smooth, even cuts much easier. I printed out the various charges on iron-on applique paper, which actually took something like four hours to print eleven images, between choosing the images (I was looking for free online art close enough to the original images the GMs gave me that wouldn’t be too difficult to cut out), resizing them and coloring them as need be, etc.


Charges cut out and ready to iron


the Connacht charge with all its fiddly edges

Cutting out the tiny little details on the lions, dragons, and half-eagle also proved time-consuming. I’ve been sitting with an exacto-knife painstakingly tracing the images with the tv on in the background, but that is all finally done. All of the banners have been sewn (with the exception of Sir Palamedes’ checkered flag — I’m waiting on the fabric) and the images ironed on. All that’s left to do is finish the Ulster banner, Sir Gawain’s flag, and the stripes on Lancelot’s flag.

…Unless I decide to add straps to the top of the royal banners so that they can be hung properly from the tents. I’m not sure what the current plan is, but I’d hate to see them get duct-taped up.


At any rate, I think they’re coming out decently, and I’m excited to see them hanging in new Intercon hotel, and then again at Festival of the LARPs, which is where I’m hoping to play a run of Kingsword.


Viserion the crested gecko has taken to watching me sew

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