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Cricket Chirps

Yesterday evening, I attended the epilog dinner of the Fifth Gate campaign. It was a gathering five years after the campaign closer, a chance to gain some closure, find out what became of various people and places and institutions after … Continue reading

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Here’s a random little topic about a small element of LARPs that often seems to be a given in some LARP communities/styles, but unheard of in others… Nametags! We don’t often think of them as a mechanic, likely because their … Continue reading

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The Cult, the Song, and the Club

I went to New Jersey this past weekend to play The Song and the Sunrise, the wuxia themed “mechanical and spiritual successor to The Dance and the Dawn“, the gothic fairy tale themed game about six ladies and seven lords … Continue reading

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Through the Fifth Gate

Recently, the boffer campaign Fifth Gate held its final weekend event of its three year run. The Survivors of the Wrathborn world and the Champions of the Silverfire world came together one last time to determine whose world might be … Continue reading

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An American LARPer in London

A little over a week ago, I finally checked off one of the most important items on my LARP bucket list — LARP in a foreign country. A little over a decade ago, some British LARPers were inspired by Intercon to … Continue reading

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