About Fair Escape



I’ve been LARPing for years, in a variety of styles, including both live combat and theater.

This blog is intended to be a collection of thoughts on my favorite hobby, along with a record of my personal experiences in LARPing. If anything, I hope this blog might help kickstart interesting conversation about LARP, and give people a glimpse of some of what goes on in the New England LARP communities.

The term “Fair Escape” is a mechanic occasionally used in theater style LARPing. It allows a character to flee safely from a situation without actually running. (Which is often frowned upon in some of the indoor spaces we use for theater LARPing, namely university and hotel function spaces.) It’s somewhat antithetical to live combat thinking, but I thought it had a nice ring to it.

Please note, I err on the side on not mentioning people by name. (I know some people are very keen not to have their name associated with LARPing on the internet.) If I’ve ever mentioned your LARP or LARP related project on this blog and didn’t credit you by name, but you would like your name associated with the LARP, please do reach out and let me know how you’d like to be credited.

I also try to avoid spoilers as much as possible when relevant, and I try to include explicit warnings for the few posts that do include spoilers for a LARP.

The flamingos who grace one of the headers of this blog are two Flamingos of Sin. I got them at Intercon H: Heaven and Hell. (Intercon is an annual convention dedicated to LARPing, and one of my favorite weekends of the year.) I don’t know what these flamingos were doing, running amok at a convention, but I took Gluttony home with me.

Comments are always welcome! You can also email me at fairescapelarp at gmail dot com.

3 Responses to About Fair Escape

  1. I really like your blog…the tips you have for LARPers are pretty great. The problems you’ve had with costuming I can definitely relate to! Haha.

    Anyway, I thought you might be interested in a project I am working on as a fellow LARPer. I’ve been trying to produce a fictional webseries about LARPers in a positive light. I’m wondering if you might check it out, maybe even cover it in your blog–or at the very least tweet about it to some of your other LARP friends? In the meanwhile I’ll definitely be following your updates. 🙂

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