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A LARP Filled November

Just wanted to share a quick update on the various LARP projects and events I have going on now, while various longer blog posts are being finished. This past weekend, I was NPCing for Madrigal 3. (And a couple weeks … Continue reading

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Kingsword at Festival

My LARP for Saturday evening at Festival of the LARPs 2017 was Kingsword, which was another LARP that first ran at Intercon Q, and I was really excited when the authors offered to run it at Festival. I’ve really loved … Continue reading

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Crossing the Threshold

It’s been a little while since I posted, even though I’m trying to get back on a minimum one post per week (ideally twice per week)ish schedule. Recently, I’ve busy working on costuming for Threshold, a new cyberbunk boffer campaign LARP, … Continue reading

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Christmas in Covenant

It seems a bit late for Christmas, but one of the local boffer LARPs just held an RP-day event (mostly people hanging out in character, very little to no plot progression, no combat, etc.) to give their characters the chance … Continue reading

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Cosplay and LARP at Arisia 2017

Arisia, New England’s largest fantasy and sci-fi con, fell on the same weekend as the second Fifth Gate capstone event, so I wasn’t able to attend most of this year. But after the Fifth Gate event ended on Sunday, I decided … Continue reading

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Silverfire Challenges

At the end of last May, the spring event of Fifth Gate: Silverfire. Fifth Gate, for those who don’t know, is one of the local boffer campaigns that has two parts: Silverfire, a high fantasy world, and Wrathborn, a post-apocalyptic … Continue reading

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Dice Bubble 2016 Post Event Report

I was back at Troy, NY, this past weekend for Dice Bubble, one of RPI’s weekends of small theater LARPs. I was only in two LARPs this time, which might be the fewest I’ve ever played at any of these sorts … Continue reading

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