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NELCO 2016 Part IV: Healers

In effort to get a start on one of my New Years resolutions, I’m going back to a topic that came up at NELCO 2016 which I continue to often find myself thinking about. It was a topic I proposed: … Continue reading

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Here’s a random little topic about a small element of LARPs that often seems to be a given in some LARP communities/styles, but unheard of in others… Nametags! We don’t often think of them as a mechanic, likely because their … Continue reading

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We Have Ways of Making You Talk

This topic recently came up in a thread on Facebook, (and I’m decently certain I’m the one who prompted it), so I thought I’d expound on my thoughts here in a blog post, which is better designed for long thoughts … Continue reading

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Kingsword at Festival

My LARP for Saturday evening at Festival of the LARPs 2017 was Kingsword, which was another LARP that first ran at Intercon Q, and I was really excited when the authors offered to run it at Festival. I’ve really loved … Continue reading

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Intercon Q Part II: Orgia

At my first Intercon, I remember wandering around after my Saturday evening game, peeking into the various function rooms to see what kinds of LARPs had just gone on and check out costuming. In Hawthorne, one of the larger rooms on … Continue reading

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The Siege of Troy, Part I: Mechanics

I recently played a weekend long theater LARP written by Nathan Richards, Richard Salmon, Richard Perry and Nickey Barnard, and run by Lime Shirts, called Siege of Troy, in (adorably) Troy, NY. (That coincidence has not yet ceased to amuse … Continue reading

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All Quiet on the Potomac, Part III: Sensitive Issues

Now that I’ve written about my general experiences and impressions of the mechanics of politics and war in All Quiet on the Potomac (a weekend long theater LARP about the American Civil War), I feel I should also address the way … Continue reading

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