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LARPing Online

It occurs to me that the most useful part of my recent post, “LARPing in the Age of Quarantine” was probably the bits where I talked about the structures and experiences of the various online LARPing formats (also sometimes called … Continue reading

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Intercon P Part V: What is LARP?

The discussion on strategies for getting into LARP at PreCon was followed by a discussion titled, “What is a LARP (All of the Fuzzy Gray Zone Stuff)”. I volunteered for this discussion because it combines two of my passions, LARPing … Continue reading

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NELCO 2014 Post Event Report – Betrothals and Betrayals Deconstruction

On Friday at NELCO 2014, we set out a sign-up sheet for two potential runs of Betrothals and Betrayals, the short theater LARP I ran with NELCO 2014’s Con Chair at the last Time Bubble. I was expecting to GM it on … Continue reading

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I had a fascinating conversation with a fellow New England LARPer, Nat Budin, at Intercon about a particular phenomenon in LARPing. It doesn’t have a name, as far as we know, which was actually one of the major points of … Continue reading

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The Four Eyed Monster

There is currently a lot of discussion going around tumblr, the youtube comments sections,’s website, and other places on the internet about the topic of wearing glasses in LARP. This includes a couple of videos about glasses being against “decorum” (a … Continue reading

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Cast and Crosscast

I’m going to open this post with a description of how Intercon sign-ups currently work, even though I suspect this post will only be of interest to Intercon goers (and LARPers who attend other conventions that use the same sign-up … Continue reading

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There’s a peculiar, recently coined term that’s been floating around the New England theater LARPing community. I’m going to call it “kumbayah,” and it means something roughly along the lines of “putting aside characters’ differences to solve problems in LARP.” … Continue reading

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Across the Sea of Stars

This weekend, I went to Brandeis University to play in Across the Sea of Stars. It’s a sci-fi storytelling LARP written by Jeff Diewald that lasted about 10 hours (including dinner break, not including game wrap). For those unfamiliar, storytelling … Continue reading

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“Dead Dog”

Idiot/Savant’s comment on the origin of the phrase “Dead Dog” prompted me to do a quick online search to see what I could find out. First of all, had two definitions for “dead dog” – both of which were … Continue reading

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