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The Council of Oramvand

Despite my best intentions, I’ve been neglecting this blog again. I got caught up on my post NELCO posts, because I really wanted to cover the various panels and discussions I attended in depth and in order, and then I … Continue reading

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The Siege of Troy, Part II: Mighty Aphrodite

I recently played a weekend long theater LARP written by Nathan Richards, Richard Salmon, Richard Perry and Nickey Barnard, and run by Lime Shirts, called Siege of Troy. In my previous post, I talked about the various interesting mechanics in … Continue reading

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NELCO 2016 Part III

My third panel of the day on Saturday at NELCO was “Beyond the Con: Booking LARPs Outside of Conventions“, a panel about finding and reserving locations for running theater LARPs. Conventions like Intercon, and the smaller university cons like Time and … Continue reading

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NPCing Wrathborn and Madrigal

I often don’t feel like I do enough NPCing for boffer LARPs, so I was really excited when I got the chance to NPC for Fifth Gate: Wrathborn and Madrigal 3 over the past few weekends. Fifth Gate is two campaigns in … Continue reading

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NELCO 2016 Part II

My second panel of NELCO 2016 was “Information Flow in Boffer LARPs“, for which I acted as moderator. This was one of the topics I suggested. (In fact, I had just played a boffer LARP prior to one of the … Continue reading

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The week after I played a student in New World Magischola, I traveled to Pennsburg, Pennsylvania to play in a one-shot boffer LARP that ran from Saturday morning to Sunday afternoon put on by Source LARP Inc. It was called Sunadokei, … Continue reading

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New World Magischola

After College of Wizardry, a Harry Potter inspired LARP set in a magical college and run in a real castle, became such a hit in Europe, an American LARP based on College of Wizardry was developed on our side of the … Continue reading

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