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Cricket Chirps

Yesterday evening, I attended the epilog dinner of the Fifth Gate campaign. It was a gathering five years after the campaign closer, a chance to gain some closure, find out what became of various people and places and institutions after … Continue reading

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Through the Fifth Gate

Recently, the boffer campaign Fifth Gate held its final weekend event of its three year run. The Survivors of the Wrathborn world and the Champions of the Silverfire world came together one last time to determine whose world might be … Continue reading

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Return to the Gate

Two weekends ago, Fifth Gate held the second Silverfire event. It seems strange to talk about spoilers for a campaign LARP; usually, avoiding spoilers is the domain of one shot LARPs that run multiple times. But Fifth Gate is unusual … Continue reading

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Coming to Roost

In Fifth Gate: Silverfire, the new LARP I am now playing in, the PCs have the option of organizing into warbands, and most PCs started in a warband going into the first event. My character, Cricket, belongs to a large warband called … Continue reading

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