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Lessons From Cry Havoc

As I mentioned in a recent post, at Festival of the LARPs 2017, I ran a boffer game designed to introduce newbies to the Accelerant system. I was inspired by a LARP I played twice at SLAW called The Trouble … Continue reading

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Kingsword at Festival

My LARP for Saturday evening at Festival of the LARPs 2017 was Kingsword, which was another LARP that first ran at Intercon Q, and I was really excited when the authors offered to run it at Festival. I’ve really loved … Continue reading

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Festival of the LARPs 2018 — The Stroke of Midnight

Festival of the LARPs 2017, the weekend of theater LARPs, recently ran at Brandeis University. I was coordinator (or con chair, or whatever you want to call it) this year, so that’s been keeping me rather busy over the past … Continue reading

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Festival 2016: Turn it up to 11!

Between a road trip to New York City to play in two LARPs with the HRSFA crowd and preparing to run three LARPs at Festival of the LARPs, (well, two LARPs, one of which ran twice,) I’ve been neglecting this blog. I’ve … Continue reading

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Festival X: Post Event Report

Brandeis University’s annual Festival of the LARPs has come and gone. Over the weekend, I played in four LARPs and ran a boffer practice. (I also served as housing coordinator, and I’m relieved to say no one who needed crash space went … Continue reading

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Festival X Now Accepting Bids!

Festival of the LARPs is Brandeis University’s annual free weekend of LARPs. This year, it’s running April 17th through 19th, and as its the tenth annual Festival, its theme is Festival X. You can register now on the website for … Continue reading

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One Shot Theater LARPs in New England

I was recently asked about signing up for the various free (and low cost) events in New England. These are the kind of things I’ve probably been just taking for granted that everyone involved already knows, but new people might … Continue reading

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