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Intercon Q Part V: Snugglebunny Apocalypse

On Sunday morning at Intercon Q, after a long night of dancing and partying, I stumbled into one of the Iron GM LARPs. It was the 11am run, not a 9 am run, but after a late Friday night of … Continue reading

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Intercon Q Part IV: Stop That Moon! and Burning Orchid

For my Saturday afternoon LARP at Intercon Q, I NPCed for one of the boffer LARPs, Stop That Moon! I PCed for the first run of Stop That Moon! back at Intercon O, and had a ton of fun playing … Continue reading

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Intercon Q Part II: Orgia

At my first Intercon, I remember wandering around after my Saturday evening game, peeking into the various function rooms to see what kinds of LARPs had just gone on and check out costuming. In Hawthorne, one of the larger rooms on … Continue reading

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Intercon Q Part I: White Death

Another Intercon has come and gone. It’s been two weeks and I still have a bit of the post-con blues. I think the post-con blues hit a lot of the Intercon community a bit stronger than usual this year. For the first … Continue reading

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