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NELCO 2018: Co-Creating Characters

The first topic of discussion I participated in at NELCO 2018 was Creating, Customizing, and Integrating Co-Created Characters. The intention was to focus on character creation for live action campaigns. This is a topic I was particularly interested in and … Continue reading

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NELCO 2018 and Little Boffer Con

This past weekend, NELCO 2018 ran (with yours truly as the conference coordinator), accompanied by two tracks of six one-shot boffer LARPs in an event titled Little Boffer Con. The first of it’s kind, and if I have anything to say … Continue reading

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Summer Projects

Thought I’d do a short post about the various LARP-related projects (mostly sewing) I’ve working on this summer. First of all, this upcoming weekend, I’ll be at the Summer LARPin’ event at WPI, where I’m playing a Peaky Midwest LARP, … Continue reading

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NELCO 2016 Part IV: Healers

In effort to get a start on one of my New Years resolutions, I’m going back to a topic that came up at NELCO 2016 which I continue to often find myself thinking about. It was a topic I proposed: … Continue reading

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NELCO 2016 Part III

My third panel of the day on Saturday at NELCO was “Beyond the Con: Booking LARPs Outside of Conventions“, a panel about finding and reserving locations for running theater LARPs. Conventions like Intercon, and the smaller university cons like Time and … Continue reading

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NELCO 2016 Part I

The New England LARP Conference, or NELCO, held its fifth annual event at the Boxborough Holiday Inn over the past weekend. Prepping for it has kept me pretty busy this year — a few months ago, I was on the hotels … Continue reading

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Video Submissions for NELCO

It’s summer, which means that plans for NELCO are in full swing. For those unfamiliar, NELCO is the New England LARP Conference, the first all LARP conference in the US. It’s a fairly low key event, so most of the attendees are locals, … Continue reading

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